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When you have an active lifestyle and a refractive error that hinders your vision, you know how bothersome it can be to deal with a pair of glasses—they fog up, fall off, or get broken. 

If eyeglasses don’t suit your lifestyle, or you need an updated prescription, we can set you up for frame-free vision correction with a contact lens exam and fitting. Book now to start the process.

Measured for Your Eyes

When we’re setting you up for contact lens wear, we need to measure certain parts of your eye structure to ensure your lenses will be comfortable. To customize your contact lenses, we’ll assess the following to confirm that you’re a good candidate for contact lenses:

  • Your cornea’s curvature
  • Your iris and pupil sizes (the color and black part of the eye)
  • Your tear film to determine if you have dry eyes

We’ll perform the same contact lens exam every time you need an updated contact lens prescription.

Contact Lens Hygiene & Maintenance

It’s crucial to follow our guidance when it comes to caring for your contacts. Above all, we want to ensure your eyes remain healthy. Severe infections can be caused by contact lens wear, so keeping up with proper hygiene practices holds great importance. Help keep your eyes free from infection by abiding by these guidelines:

  • Remove your contacts before going to sleep (unless you use extended-wear lenses and have prior approval from us).
  • Don’t shower, use a hot tub, or go swimming while wearing contact lenses.
  • Replace and care for your lenses by following our maintenance instructions. 
  • Never use tap water to clean your contact lenses.
  • Wash your hands with soap and dry them thoroughly before inserting or removing lenses.
  • Visit us for annual, comprehensive eye exams to ensure your eyes still tolerate contact lenses.

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If you’re dreaming of a frame-free lifestyle or need to update your lens prescription, we’re here for you. Get one step closer to contacts and request your appointment today!

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Dr. Bittel Optometry is located in the northwest corner of the East Lake Village Center off Village Center Drive. There’s plenty of parking around our building for your convenience.

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