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Eye exams are an essential part of your health routine. And as we age, our routines change. The trusted team at Dr. Bittel’s practice is here to help your eyes function optimally. We want to make sure your eyes’ internal and external health is taken care of at all stages of your life.

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Our Vision Is Your Vision

Our eyes are constantly changing. That’s why it’s important to keep up with routine eye exams based on your age-specific needs.

The American Optometry Association recommends the following eye exam schedule:

  • Adults aged 18–64 should have an exam every 2–3 years to check for any changes in vision and eye health.
  • Adults 65+ should have an eye exam every year, as changes to vision and eye health can happen more rapidly later in life.

Routine eye exams can help prevent unnecessary eye strain and help identify issues like dry eyes, and eye diseases like glaucoma, cataracts, and more.

You Deserve Quality Eye Care

Combining modernized eye care and quality attention you can count on for years to come, Dr. Bittel and our team are here to assess and treat the eye health of your entire family.

Whether your eye health and vision needs are changing, or you’re booking your routine assessment, the friendly team at Dr. Bittel’s office is delighted to see you. Get started today and schedule your next exam with us.

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Dr. Bittel Optometry is located in the northwest corner of the East Lake Village Center off Village Center Drive. There’s plenty of parking around our building for your convenience.

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