Retina Exam

retina testing in Yorba LindaThe function of the eye’s retina can be compared to film in a camera – it sends light rays and raw sensory information to the brain via the optic nerve. These electric signals are then translated into vibrant and colorful images, or what we call “sight.”

The retinal membrane covers the inside of the back of the eye. In it are light-sensitive nerve cells called rods, and cones, which discern both light and color. Damage or disease in the retina can lead to impaired vision and in some cases, blindness.

The OPTOS digital retinal camera is a great aide in detecting early retinal changes. It gives Dr. Bittel a view of the peripheral retina without having to dilate the pupils. And while there are certain diseases or symptoms that do require a dilated exam, the OPTOS retinal camera is ideal for documenting the retinas of new patients, and in screening patients during the yearly routine eye exams.