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Dry Eye Wellness Center Yorba LindaDry Eye Disease, also known as Ocular Surface Disease, affects over 30 million people in the U.S. alone. Symptoms can include the classic sensation of the eyes feeling dry, but also encompass symptoms of the eyes burning, stinging, watering, and even fluctuations in vision. Dry eyes and intermittent blurry vision after cataract and refractive surgeries can be attributed to pre-surgical Ocular Surface Disease as well.

Dr. Bittel has spent well over a year developing and refining a Dry Eye Wellness Center so that his patients can begin the path to disease management, as opposed to just being handed another artificial tear sample. The reason he has chosen the label “Wellness Center” as opposed to a “Clinic” is because he approaches the majority of his Dry Eye patients with diet, behavior, environmental, and hygiene modifications, instead of prescribing dry eye medications as a first line of therapy. Prescription dry eye drops have become increasingly expensive for patients and very difficult to obtain without prior authorizations, and generally speaking once a patient is on one of these medications, they are required to stay on the medication indefinitely. Dr. Bittel will prescribe dry eye medications when necessary, but his protocol, developed from the Tear Film and Ocular Surface Society Dry Eye Workshop (TFOS DEWS II) report, utilizes evidence-based approaches from around the world to manage patients without prescriptions whenever possible. Our Wellness Center was also one of the first optometric practices in Orange County to use the LipiFlow thermal pulsation system as an integral part of our Ocular Surface Disease management protocol.

Woman Putting EyedropsIf you or a loved one sufferes from symptoms of Dry Eye Disease or Ocular Surface Disease, or are considering cataract or refractive surgery, please schedule a consultation in our Dry Eye Wellness Center. After a comprehensive dry eye workup using advanced diagnostic technology, Dr. Bittel will design a customized, holistic when possible, management program. If you have any questions prior to your consultation, please feel free to contact Dr. Bittel directly at bittelod@gmail.com.

Family Eye Care

We are a family-owned Optometry practice that has proudly served Yorba Linda and its surrounding communities since 1983. Our mission is to practice patient-centric optometry with a sharp focus on exceeding each patient’s expectations in the areas of customer service, quality products, patient education, and modern technology. We would be honored to have you as a patient and look forward to meeting the optometric needs of you and your entire family!

Myopia Management

Myopia (or nearsightedness) is a condition (some would argue a disease) that impairs an individual’s ability to see clearly at a distance without the use of corrective lenses. Due to a combination of genetic and environmental factors (primarily increased screen time at near) the prevalence and severity of myopia are rapidly increasing world-wide, especially in young children. Higher levels of myopia are correlated with higher risks of certain ocular diseases, and a new pair of glasses or soft contact lenses may not be the best option for your myopic child. 


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